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Oatmeal Cookie

20160627_201408_HDRSometimes Saturdays are leisurely days that call for an elaborately crafted beverage – one where you maybe take the time to experiment with getting ratios just right, combining new ingredients, and starting over if need be until you arrive at something perfect and special.  Then there are those busy Saturdays full of errands and chores that call for a quick and easy champagne cocktail.  The husband and I are in the throes of repainting and redecorating one of the rooms in our house, so guess what type of Saturday today is? Champagne cocktails are great because the champagne makes them special enough for the weekend, but they are super easy to throw together.  Oatmeal Cookie is a simple pleasure, like its namesake baked good.  It features Stone Barn’s American Oat Whiskey which is one of my new favorite cocktail play things.  It has a sweet nuttiness that I am really enjoying.




1 1/2 oz Stone Barn Brandy Works  American Oat Whiskey (or other whiskey, if you must)

1 tbsp RAFT Smoked Tea Vanilla syrup

Champagne or other sparkling wine


Place whiskey and syrup in the bottom of champagne flute and top with sparkling wine.  Pat yourself on the back for making an extremely tasty beverage in less time than it took you to read this post!

Serves 1


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